Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exodus in Historical Context

Joseph and Moses both lived and served under more than one pharaoh. I used Ussher's dates for Joseph and Moses, and have compacted Egyptian dynasties during the FIP and SIP to arrive at the dates for the Egyptian pharaohs based upon the famines described in the Bible and other clues. Thirty minute video displays the many clues.


1745 Joseph born in Canaan during reign of Tao II in Egypt
1728 Joseph entered Egypt as a slave during the reign of Ahmose I
1715 Joseph made grand vizier by Ahmose I; first of seven years of plenty began
1712 Amenhotep I (under his mom, Ahmose-Nefetari) began to reign Egypt
1688 Amenhotep I died soon after Joseph returned from burying his father Jacob
1688-1674 Thutmose I
1674-1672 Thutmose II and Hatshepsut
1672-1651 Hatshepsut with Thutmose III
1651-1618 Thutmose III

1635 Joseph died during the reign of Thutmose III

1622-1596 Amenhotep II (4 year co-reign)
1596-1588 Thutmose IV
1588-1550 Amenhotep III who “knew not Joseph"


1588-1550 Amenhotep III, whose “daughter . . . called his name Moses”
1551-1534 Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten was influenced by Hebrew monotheism
1534-1531 Smenkhkare (Nefertiti retained royal status)
1531-1530 Nefertiti/Neferneferuaten
1534-1524 Tutankhamun (usurped 3 years; first attested in 4th year)
1524-1520 Ay
1520-1493 Horemheb
1493-1491 Rameses I, pharaoh of ten plagues and exodus
1491-1480 Seti I, campaign to Beth Shean in first year, but no Hebrews there
1480-1414 Rameses II Moses died in 1451 on Mt. Nebo

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